Welcome to the YOUTH MINISTRY of The Apostolic Church of North America LAWNA USA

We are a body of self-aware and motivated youths dedicated to developing capacities required to lead purposeful lives and demonstrate the power of God in our generation. These are the aspirations that drive and infuses significant meaning in our day-to-day activities. Therefore, our activities are organized to raise informed youth who understand purpose and leadership, are highly successful in their area of endeavor and know their God.

we are determined to continue to be a godly generation; a pillar of reference for God's standard.

We are structured in a way to ensure the unification of our programs and knowledge base. These resources are driven by the district (regional) leaders who are closer to the local assemblies. The national body provides direction and oversees program integrity. This is intentional to guarantee that we reach everyone at the local churches and to ensure they are carried along every step of the way. In addition, we have dedicated and forward-thinking executive team members who are ready to utilize their resources to further God's purpose for the ministry.

We invite you to connect with our local branches near you to get involved with our programs.

Locations Near You Our Vision & Mision